St. Gertrude Parish Time & Talent Listing Descriptions


  1. Choir: Gertrude Parish is gifted with many talented singers, but we are always in search for more. With three weekend Masses and numerous other occasions when music richly enhances our worship, the talents of all singers are appreciated.
  2. Musician: For those who want to share their instrumental talents. The accompaniment of violins, flutes, bass, guitar, etc. would only heighten our, already magnificent choirs.
  3. Church Decorator/Art and Environment Team: The work of the Church decorator is fully seen during the Christmas holiday, and the seasons of Lent and Easter. These gifted artists and decorators add to the beauty of Church by sharing their talents of beauty and inspiration.
  4. Eucharistic Minister: Eucharistic Ministers assist with the distribution of Holy Communion for the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses. These dedicated parishioners are needed to provide the body and blood of Christ to every parishioner.
  5. Funeral Mass Servers (Adult): These adults of the parish fill the role as Server for Parish Funerals. This is open to both men and women of mature age who are able and willing to serve the Funeral Masses. Since these Masses typically are on weekday mornings, the Funeral Servers need to be available at those times.
  6. Funeral Choir Member: These are members of the parish who provide singing for the Funeral Masses at St. Gertrude Parish. Since most funerals are during the week and in the morning, funeral choir members need to be available to sing at those times.
  7. Home Minister of Holy Communion: The Home Ministers are special Eucharistic Ministers who take Holy Communion to the homebound/nursing home parishioners on Sunday mornings. They gather for 7:30am Mass and following Mass they visit and spend time with the homebound.
  8. Lectors: These parishioners proclaim the Word of God. Lectors proclaim the first and second readings, and with the choir and musicians, lead the Responsorial Psalm. Qualifications are the ability to speak in public and a voice sufficient to be heard throughout Church.
  9. Mass Servers-Adult/Child: Servers can be young and young at heart to assist Father at Mass. If you haven’t served before or it’s been a while, we provide the training.
  10. Offertory Family: As part of our Eucharistic celebration we would love to have individuals and /or Families bring to the altar the bread and wine for consecration.
  11. Ushers/Greeters at Mass: Ushers are parishioners who greet those attending Mass. They assist all in finding places to sit, manage the collection, initiate the offertory procession, distribute bulletins, see to the safe and secure handling of the offertory collection, etc. They serve as ministers of welcome, hospitality, and good order at our Church.
  12. Bible Study/Catholicism: Opportunities to study the Bible or the Catholic faith through programs at St. Gertrude and St. Ann parishes are offered periodically as interest responds.
  13. Marriage Prep Mentors: Marriage mentors prepare couples for the Sacrament of Matrimony. Training is offered for couples who have interest in this ministry.
  14. Prayer Chain Member: Prayer Chain Members commit themselves to praying for the sick and suffering members of our parish and extended community. Prayer Chain members offer their prayers at a time and in a style of their own choosing.
  15. RCIA Team: The RCIA Team operates on a year-round basis working with those interested in joining the Catholic Church during their period of preparation.
  16. RCIA Sponsor: Journeys with the catechumen through the RCIA process and provides a compelling witness in matters of faith.
  17. Vacation Bible School Volunteer: A volunteer opportunity to help bring the stories and lessons of the Bible to life for School age children. A week of high energy praise and music is just what the heart needs. This is for those 6th grade and older.
  18. Finance Committee: The Finance Committee assists the pastor in making financial decisions for the parish. This is an elected position, if you would be interested in running for this committee please mark it on your stewardship form.
  19. Parish Council: The Parish Council assists the pastor in making decisions regarding the parish. This is an elected position, if you would be interested in running for this committee please mark it on your stewardship form.
  20. School Board: The School Board assists the pastor/principal in decisions regarding the school. This is an elected position, if you would be interested in running for this committee please mark it on your stewardship form.
  21. Stewardship Committee: The Stewardship Team handles the annual St. Gertrude Parish Stewardship effort in September. They educate and inform the parish about the meaning and value of Stewardship.
  22. Men’s Club: Congrats! If you are a male of the parish, you are an automatic member. The Men’s Club organizes the BBQ stand, volunteers for parish dinners, parish picnic, and spring and fall work days. Stop by on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm at the Helfta House to join us for some comradery and fellowship.
  23. Cemetery Board: The parish Cemetery Board oversees the operation of the parish cemetery. The Board writes the Cemetery Guidelines and revises them as needed.
  24. Faith Formation: The Faith Formation Team is composed of members of St. Gertrude and St. Ann Parishes. They plan and offer opportunities for Faith Development of parishioners, through Parish Missions, adult education retreats, and the Men and Women Catholic Conferences.
  25. Facility and Safety: This committee conducts inspections and evaluations of the buildings, facilities, and grounds of St. Gertrude Parish. Each is evaluated in terms of: safety concerns, immediate maintenance needs, preventative maintenance improvements and the need for future development.
  26. Liturgy Committee: The Liturgy Committee meets monthly to provide assistance for the spiritual and physical needs for the Mass. The most active time for the committee is Advent/Christmas season and the Lent/Holy Week/Easter Seasons.
  27. Quilter: These ladies are dedicated to the craft of hand-made quilts. They meet on Thursday mornings from 8:30 – noon in the Helfta House. Proceeds from quilt sales and raffles benefit the parish and school. New quilters are welcome to join in and no experience necessary. You can join at any time and can come for a few minutes or the entire time.
  28. Vincent de Paul Society: The St. Vincent de Paul Society is dedicated to serving the poor and the needy of our parish and community. They have meetings on the First Sunday of each month. They confidentially handle requests from those in need of assistance on a regular basis. They sponsor parish collections and drives to provide assistance for the poor and those in need.
  29. Young Old Timers Society: YOTS is a ministry for people 50 years of age and older who ‘aspire to inspire before we expire’. The group gathers at the St. Gertrude cafeteria or the St. Ann Church basement at 1:30pm on the 2nd YOTS is a social club, activities include entertainment, playing games and enjoying refreshments.
  30. BBQ Worker: The St. Gertrude Parish Barbecue Stand is open form - the 1st Sunday after Easter until the last Sunday of August. Cooking crews and selling crews are needed to help provide barbecued pork steaks and chicken dinners at a very reasonable price. You and/or your family and friends can sign up to take one or more Sundays throughout the season. Many hands create little work.
  31. Cheer Committee: Volunteers deliver baskets and cards from the school children to the sick and shut ins. These baskets are delivered three time a year at Easter, Summer and Christmas.
  32. Collection Counter: This volunteer helps count weekend collections. We have several groups so counters only have to come in once a month on Monday mornings.
  33. Funeral Luncheon Volunteers: The ladies/men of this group organize and serve lunches following parish funerals at St. Gertrude Parish.
  34. Golf Tournament: Gertrude Parish annually hosts a Golf Tournament. Sponsors and Golfers for this event are needed to help support St. Gertrude School.
  35. Parish Flower Gardening: These volunteers’ plant, organize, and maintain the numerous flowerbeds on the parish grounds.
  36. Parish Office Volunteer: From time to time, the Parish Office staff needs the assistance of volunteers to handle large mailings and inserts in the Sunday church bulletin. These volunteers are a great blessing with these tasks.
  37. Welcome Committee: The welcome team welcomes new parishioners to our parish family. They introduce the various opportunities available to get involved, connect them with others in the parish, and answer any questions they have as they get acclimated to their new parish family. This committee doesn’t require attendance to regularly scheduled meetings, as they respond to the needs of new parishioners as needed.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope that you will commit to 1 or more of these suggestions.

God Bless,

The Stewardship Committee

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